Kakamega girl Child in danger, an 8 year old girl defiled by her father

Mrs Kellan Okwako being interviewed. Photo: Shamim

Cases of fathers having forceful sex with their daughters are common across Kakamega County, Shahidi news has learned. A case has been reported in Ikonyero area, Lurambi constituency where a man defiled his own 8-year-old daughter who schools in a neighboring school in standard two. The girl whose name is withheld was reported raped on 8th February 2018. The little girl shares her bitter story, her father called her in that evening to his private room in the name of cleaning the bedroom only to be instructed to undress, she tried to resist but her remorseful father forcefully instructed her to do so. She later succumbed to pain with blood profusely oozing from her private parts, with horror she cried for help but it was unfortunate that this got a deaf ear. She later paved her to the sitting room to clean up herself maybe also to reduce the pain.

Later she sought her help from a neighbor who also stays next to her home place. The good Samaritan later shared her story with a well-wisher called Mrs Kellan Okwako. Mrs Kellan works as a special needs teacher at Daisy School, Kakamega.

Mrs Kellan took up the initiative by taking the little angel to Kakamega General Hospital for treatments and other medication before she reported the matter to Kakamega police station. An arrest warrant was issued on the same day, 9th February 2018.

News got ears of Kakamega based activists led by nominated MCAs Lynda Wamalwa, Dorice Matere, Owen Musoma and Joel Okwako who took the initiative to visit the little who was being hosted by Mrs Kellan. Our sight got to the small girl, looking jovial after Mrs. Kellan’s family had equally treated her with love and care. The little angel on being interviewed, she boldly describes that fateful day, she says she will never forget in life. As Mrs Kellan, now her new mother looks on with tears flowing, the little girl also discloses that this was the second time such an incidence happened to her.

“I recall back then, my dad forcefully called me to his bedroom and engaged me to this horrible exposure. Unfortunately, no one bothered to follow up the matter. He threatened to kill should I disclose this.” She said amid tears flowing to her cheeks.

The little girl stays with her grandparents, this is after her mother long ago divorced her father.

The following morning, we took a new initiative to visit and report the matter to Gender and Community Affairs Advisor in the office of Governor Mrs. Leonida Anguba who took the initiative to pay a visit to the little girl and her new mother Mrs Kellan Okwako.

Mrs Anguba was disappointed with the case vowing to follow up the matter until justice is achieved.

“This is a horrible story, I can imagine how painful this young girl went through. On this matter, I’m going to follow up the case until the culprit is arrested and the girl gets her safe place to grow and school.” Said Mrs Anguba.

The matter is being addressed in various offices including the office of Women Reperesentative, Kakamega County Mrs Elsie Muhanda.

Recently Chief Justice David Maraga while in Kakamega, said that rape cases in the county are alarming and therefore there’s a need for the stakeholders to take an early initiative to curb the menace.


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