Why Kakamega school heads refer parents to one uniform shopping centre within Kakamega town


Hundreds to thousands of parents within Kakamega county are today, tomorrow and the following days queueing in a one popular uniform centre in Kakamega town to carry out shopping for their children who are yet to join secondary school education.

Most of school invitation letters in most giant schools within Kakamega County refers parents to buy their children’s uniforms among other necessities in one popular uniform shopping centre, a move that leaves many bookshops and uniform centres without customers. Majority of parents don’t understand reasons behind this shop where almost every school directs it’s parents to purchase their desired types of equipment.

Today if you took your precious time to visit the business you’ll pity parents and pupils spending the long day’s hours waiting for the long queue to fade. We keep on asking ourselves some of the reasons to why most school heads or rather school management prefer parents shopping here rather than other shops within the town or any other place so long the requirements meets uniformity.

I believe Kenyan parents are witty enough than the days of yore where a majority of them had no idea of what it meant by going to school, what was required in school etcetera. But today I believe parents will stick on the instructions so long as they’re well written in the invitation letters.

School heads within Kakamega county should impede from punishing parents and pupils to spend hours in queues waiting to be served by a shop that has similar facilities like any other. We really do not know whether school heads have businesses with such shops or maybe if the shop has the best facilities as opposed to other shops around.

Invitation letters to potential students clearly state what is required from parents and I believe that is enough to let the child join the school.

Uniformity in school requirements can be achieved by either selling school uniforms in schools or giving vivid descriptions of the requirements in the invitation letters. School heads must stop this game unless you have business with these businessmen. Should you continue with this game plan, we vow to #Resist

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