Why Khalwale should accept Cabinet Secretary slot with both hands

Former Kakamega Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale with President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo: COURTESY

Today’s Star Newspaper frontpage headline read, “Uhuru considers Kidero, Khalwale, Serem for Cabinet,” a statement that has given birth to lots of discussions on both social media and groups of people in the streets of Kakamega town. Political pundits, commentators are taking this news to a new step bearing in mind Dr. Boni Khalwale, Western Kenya’s fiercest politician whose past politics has drawn a lot of attention in his controversial political lifestyle that has recorded him as a politician of no-nonsense when it comes to criticism and putting various leaders on toes and fuming them on the sun.

Khalwale, former Kakamega Senator who vied for Kakamega Gubernatorial seat lost it to the incumbent Governor Wycliffe Oparanya in a close competition remained an active Nasa firebrand immediately after the August elections fronting Anti-IEBC campaigns across Kakamega among other parts of the country. His zealous efforts in the Nasa brigade saw August 8, 2017, elections which were marred by controversies nullified hence calling for fresh and credible elections. Later the electoral body was directed by the Supreme Court of Kenya to conduct fresh elections with one Khalwale among other leaders fronting for against the second election terming it as shambolic as the IEBC had not prepared to conduct a fair election.

Image result for khalwale during protests
Dr. Boini Khalwale (In Green Shirt) during anti-IEBC Protests in Kakamega town. Photo: COURTESY

This followed a series of retaliation by the Opposition coalition which Khalwale among other key politicians led massive protests across the country in the quest to oust IEBC officials who participated in the sham exercise. Khalwale led anti- IEBC demos in Kakamega among other parts of the country giving a national limelight. If Nasa was to take over the government, Khalwale had landed his mind on a cabinet Secretary slot describing himself as a competent medical practitioner after having worked in various institutions before plunging into a political arena.


Khalwale rose against the yokes of darkness, brought in a humble background

As much as I know Dr. Boni Khalwale, a man who rose against the yokes of darkness in the bygone days, having been brought up in a humble background to rise against all life odds. His hard work and zealous efforts to lead a reputable life have seen him become a successful leader and politician not only in Kakamega County but also across all political divides of the country. I know Khalwale as a man whose passion is to see a nation move forward, a constitutionalist and a voice of the weak, a man who has kept both the government and other institutions on the watch. A gentleman whom Kenyans believe can mold dust into a visible object as his leadership cuts across the country.

I’m sure Khalwale is a man who can serve the country in any capacity irrespective of the political divide and the current heat that is boiling the country. He is a man who can withstand a burning bush to save a child under cremation as his past life experiences have seen him beat challenges.

It came to me as good news to learn from today’s Star newspaper that Dr. Boni Khalwale among other politicians who either lost in the August elections or are aligned to the opposition had good and noble chances of securing posts in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet. Despite Dr. Khalwale being an instrument of change within the opposition which many Kenyans you inclusive have no hope of Nasa forming a government (take it to the nearest Sacco but this is the fact), he deserves this post, not as a betrayal to the Nasa coalition but to mark an end of political wrangles and inclusivity of the both who supported Nasa and Jubilee during last year’s elections.

Within the constitution

By landing on a cabinet Secretary slot, Khalwale will not be a betrayer or rather a traitor neither demean him for desperation but as a prove of constitutionalism. Khalwale just like any other citizen of this country has a right to serve Kenyans. This post was created by our constitution to serve Kenyans. The constitution experts didn’t consider which government or political alignment would be in place but to serve the interests of Kenyans at that time of service. Therefore Dr. Khalwale is obliged to serve Kenyans not basing on which political side he is leaning. His appointment will cool the current political temperatures and a feeling of isolation by President Uhuru’s government.

Both Nasa and Jubilee supporters should receive this news positively to allow Dr. Khalwale serve the country within his capacity and qualifications. I repeat that Khalwale service will not be formed on the basis of desperation or betrayal but on the foundation of the constitution that Kenyans voted in the year 2010.

Should Khalwale accept the appointment, his political star will continue shining both at night and during the day.

By landing on a cabinet Secretary slot, Khalwale will not be a betrayer or rather a traitor neither demean him for desperation but as a prove of constitutionalism.

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