Why Raila will not accept be sworn in

Raila Odinga. Photo: Courtesy

Agree with me or castrate me, Raila Amolo Odinga will never be sworn in despite persistent pressure being mounted on Kenya’s most celebrated democratic icon. Down to Raila’s heart, there is no idea of him being compelled to be sworn in a quest to maintain his reputation not only in Kenya but the world at large. Attempts to force the former Premier to be sworn in has portrayed the whole scenario as a mere joke as some leaders including elected have publicly forced Raila Odinga to hold a bible as a mark of inauguration, a bid that has also witnessed critics from Nasa’s camp which describe the move as childish and stupid bravado meant to taint Raila’s long-lived political reputation.

Swearing in Raila Odinga has its own consequences, one Raila will not accept to be sworn in because he wants to live his long fought legacy in fight for democracy, he’ll not accept to be sworn in because of the outcomes that may result during the event, Kenyan police officers are heartless, they’ll toruture Raila’s supporters ahead of the swearing in, third Raila’s move may pave him to a treason, for him this is not new in his political journey but he may fear the consequences after his arrest, massives protests, looting of properties, massive killings of protestors etecetera. Raila is a Democrat, he won’t risk lives of Kenyans!

The government here may cancel diplomatic passport, security withdrawn and his family and business associates humiliated. Consequences that may see his political journey die in a murky world.

The international scene may not spare him, his long-standing respect at the international community may be stripped off, he will be considered as a rebel just like Joseph Kony is. This will result in attending international renowned meetings, conferences etc hence exposing him not enjoy international respect and privileges.

Point pronto

Just as diplomats continue to press for dialogue, Nasa should hold on their horses to stop Raila from digging his own political grave and instead seek for dialogue which will call for an all-inclusive government to curb feelings of isolations by the political group that did not vote for Uhuru Kenyatta.  All inclusive government can result in a power-sharing government or both parties decide to share government posts equally to hold pressure mounting the country.


Some politicians should impede from walking in the shadows of Raila

What we saw in Kakamega during a People’s Assembly Rally where one legislature was making fun of Raila’s swearing by giving him (Raila) a bible portrays how some of Raila cronies are selfish and are walking on Raila on a slippery ground to build their political careers. This pushing I believe is not genuine.

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