Young generation urged to contribute towards Wecohas fundraising

Wecohas Mega Fundraiser at Gold Hotel Kakamega. Photo: Dennis Weche

WECOHAS TRUST Wishes to appreciate and congratulate the elders who gathered at the Golf Hotel in Kakamega and raised >1M to show the Swedish partners that the community wants this project. Therefore WE APPEAL TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION TO CHIP IN AND BRING THIS 1st of 21 DREAMS TO REALISATION. Do not be left out and don’t be impartial. Support these efforts to improve the region.
The account is protected from corruption by a signatory from the Swedish partners.
Wecohas Office appeals to all inhabitants of the region and their friends plus well-wishers to continue channeling their contributions towards the Escrow Account for the cancer centre/Airport project. Contributions to be made through: Pay bill No. 612047. account: your name. Thank you in advance, WECOHAS TRUST

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